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Alone we can't make the difference, we aspire YOU to be a prominent part of it.


The Unforgotten Humanity Foundation

Shikshalya - a School for all, is a one of the most mission of U H FOUNDATION and is striving to achieve it from the day one. The ideology behind the concept is to create and sustain a school which is meant and accessible to all, irrespective of caste, religion, race, colour and status,yet marking it a school for all and also making it economical by not charging more than Rs300 to Rs500 as per the class standards, providing the basic necessities and amenities a school should have.

U H FOUNDATION did a survey of 55 schools of Dehradun and its nearby villages ( refer the survey report ) in which the government was not able to provide the basic amenities to the children in some selected schools in Dehradun.

U H FOUNDATION wish to create a school which is economical and provide the best of amenities to its nation's kid for their betterment and a good future.

Alone we can't make the difference, we aspire YOU to be a prominent part of it.


  • Physical signs of sexual abuse are not common, although redness, rashes/swelling in the genital area, urinary tract infections, or other such symptoms should be carefully investigated. Also, physical issues associated with anxiety, such as chronic stomach pain or headaches, may occur.
  • Emotional or behavioral signals are more common. These can run from "too perfect" behavior, to withdrawal and depression, to unexplained anger and rebellion.
  • Sexual behavior and language that are not age-appropriate can be a red flag.
  • Be aware that in some children there are no signs whatsoever

Where Your Money Goes

The Unforgotten Humanity Foundation

Ever heard any NGO saying we will come back with the result we have implemented with the charity donated from you and will show the result after 3 months from any NGO??

We at U H FOUNDATION I, an Indian origin NGO, unlike other NGOs, promise to come back and show the real utilisation of the funds in the next quarter of the year.



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