Doon Star Kids Season 1

Doon Star

It is an approach to the society to create a platform for the generic public to showcase their talent on board and win a cash prize and trophies for it.

Doon Star Kid is particularly for the young lads and is aimed to bring out the best in you, nourish you and make you highlight to the world with your talent along with the charity gained via such program will help the foundation to implement it's missions.

Year 2020 will present Doon Star - a dance program show for young's lads and adults to perform on stage and bag the prize for the same.

GK Guru

As the name suggests, This is a general knowledge quiz for the teenagers and very young student of government schools, Kendra vidyalas and orphanages to participate and motivate them to be attentive throughout session to have better insight of what they see, study and observe and implement it accordingly.

Kids are recognized with certificates and awards and make them recognized in the district level for their achievements.