Slum Hero Season 1

The Slum Hero Season 1 is an ideology for searching the talent amongst the under previledged children who doesn't get a platform easily to perform on the stage infront of people.

The Slum Hero Season 1 was schedule at Press Club,  Dehradun where 250 children participated and top 15 were selected for the finale round on November 24 2018.

Vikas was the winner of Slum Hero Season 1 who bagged a prize of 10,000 cash prize and Simrab was the 2nd runner up who won 5000/- as cash prize.

Along with this,  UssDaDhaba supported the cause with refreshment for the final program and RaNa Constructions supported the program with its implimentations.

U H Foundation aim to launch thus program with its different season every to give a platform to such children with low exposures.