To elaborate our objective, UHF is aimed at providing education along with the basic modern amenities and nourishment to the under privileged children of our nation and raise the standard of the HUMANITY amongst us.

#DoGoodFeelGood is a regular program featured for & with under privileged children based in Dehradun helping the schools with the basic education aids & amenities for enhancing children's interest in education.

#PadegaIndia tabhi to BhadegaIndia.

Thoughts from President of the society – USHA DEVI

Poverty is no new term for anyone, neither for us not for the poor. We need not to introduce even with the facts with it. So, when we know the situation so well, Why don't we approach to take action for it!!

Like Mother Teresa said - "We can't help many but we can help one"

If 67% of India's population is Below Poverty Line then think how urgently we need to invest in India's Children so that they can make their living.

Problem is not poor people, issue is the poverty. We must make them to learn and grow independent.

Don't feed them, tell them how to be feeded