The name itself explain the meaning, but would like to share the insight behind this name. We thought humanity in today’s world is almost forgotten which earlier made us to name it, FORGOTTEN HUMANITY FOUNDATION, but then later we realised that if it was really forgotten then how could we attempt to create a society for the upliftment of others.

Thereafter, the name was decided, realising that the humanity is not forgotten and named it, THE UNFORGOTTEN HUMANITY SOCIETY. This NGO is based at Dehradun made for the benefit of the society (under privileged children) also, aiming not to forget the humanity sense we were born with.

NGO is a registered society based in Dehradun and thrive to do our work with sincerity & honesty. And, we would love to share & awake humanity with our programs amongst people.

The very basic & simple mantra of feeling good is to help someone. You don't believe. Try it!! We at this FOUNDATION endeavours to deliver happiness, smile and the most important - the goodness of being a human presenting our humanity to the society who is in need.

We bring out the sleeping human awaken out of you and make you aware of it.